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Comments from Readers

My wife seems to be hooked on your postings.  You need to start a Facebook page.  I cannot imagine how many likes you'd receive.


Please provide a calendar of events throughout the year of your recommended food-related programs and events.  It would be so helpful!  Thank you!

Kimberly V.

This message is directed to Terrance.  Terrance, I know that you have extensive experience in mixology when you worked years ago at the Firehouse Lounge on Brazos St.  Why don't you create a subsection to this blog with nothing but mixed drinks.  I would love that!  Always great to read your posts, guys!

Timothy DeVerese

Start uploading your own videos!  I'm sure many establishments would love to help you generate your own video feeds to add content to your blog while promoting themselves.  Love your blog, BTW!

Kathi DeValdosta

Just a recommendation:  with the photos you post, show the item and the cost so we can order the very thing that we are seeing.  Thank you Terrance and Marie!


Love it!  Joshua and I read every post of upload!!!!  Ever considered working with these spots to offer discounts or a special meal for your readers?  :)

Jessica Z.

Ever considered rating wine?  I am always looking for a great wine blog to guide me in the right direction.  What do you think?


Here's a great idea:  Start creating great breakfast options, lunch options and dinner options in Austin.  That would be a great way of dividing the postings into different categories and maybe elevating the level of discussion and view of each recommendation.  Just a thought!  Love the blog!

C. V. Johnston

Love it!  Don't change a single thing!  Just add more!  :)  XXXOOO 

Bev Ralston

I' have taken three of your recommendations so far and two have been dead on!  Thank you!  Perhaps offer a 'Star' rating of each spot? 

Anonymous Comment

Start a podcast!!  Love you guys! 

Tracey Addison

I would like to see videos where the chefs in Austin are interviewed

Dave Santera

How can I become a contributor?  My waistline is a testament to my devotion to food in central Austin!  :) 

Gerald J.

Maybe mention a few points of contact at each establishment in the event we want to contact them, call them about a private party or give them kudos.  More info never hurts.


Hey - start a Twitter feed of instant updates and recommendations!  You can send us recommendations and info all the time! :0 


Start creating 'Top Ten Lists' if your favorites in one category.  That would be AWESOME!!! 

Katie Deutsch

Sometimes I agree with you and sometimes I don't...but I love it.  Please post more than one idea or visit per month.  Keep 'em coming. 

Burt and Layla

Please post more food-truck recommendations.  I work on the go and love to visit food trucks in Austin.  Please add more of them to your monthly updates.  Thank you. 

Bobby and Clarista Dupont

I am a breakfast freak.  Please post lots of breakfast spots.  I need them bad!  Getting tired of going back to my same old haunts over and  over.  LMAO

How do I become a contributor?  I want to!  I eat more than anyone in Austin!  ROTFLMAO

Please add more Asian concepts and menu ideas.  I love them!

Margaret H.

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