Amazing Curry at Sway Thai

October 25, 2013

This place was recommended by two of my friends and - IT IS DELICIOUS!!!!


We recently ordered delivery from Curry Point for the first time, after months of searching for a go-to Indian place in the area. Most Indian restaurants tend to be on the pricey side for delivery, but Curry Point is really a great deal for the money. We ordered an appetizer, a vegetable entree, and a meat entree, and there was definitely enough food for 3 people. Alas, there were only two of us so we had to put in some extra work. Total cost with delivery and tip (including a 15% coupon) was only $35. Hard to beat that.I read some complaints about the time it takes to get your food, but I found our wait time to be a very reasonable 45 minutes, and I would have waited longer given how good the food is. 


For their appetizers, the portion sizes are enormous, and could easily be split between 3-4 people as an appetizer. And they are good. Really good. The mango and mint chutneys are super good. Also completely gluten free, for you celiacs and gluten intoleroids (as was everything else we ordered).  Masala - Sway Thai makes an amazing Masala, and gives you a healthy serving too. Full of flavor, you won't even miss the protein even if you're not a vegetarian. When it comes to their lamb - We ordered it spicy, and it definitely had a good kick to it, but the heat was flavorful and not in the least bit overwhelming. The seasoning is just too good. Extremely flavorful and rich dish, and the lamb was perfectly tender. My only complaint would be that there could have been a *little* more lamb, but maybe that feeling was colored by how awesomely huge the other dishes we got were.


Yes, Sway Thai gives a smaller amount of rice than other restaurants, but I actually like that. The huge portions of rice at other restaurants either go to waste, encourage me to fill up on rice instead of the food, and is often used to mask meager portions of the actual dish. You get so much food here that you couldn't possibly need that much more rice.Finally, we got a Chai tea, which was almost like a milk bubble tea in some ways. Very tasty; we opted to drink it after we finished eating.


On the whole, unless I'm going to Houston, this will probably be our new standby. The value is great and the food is excellent. Can't argue with that. Well done, Sway Thai. Well done.

I will make it a point to come back anytime I visit 1st street!


1417 S 1st St., Austin, TX 78704

(512) 326-1999







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