Amazing Roasted Chicken at Bartlett's

November 8, 2013


When my brother and I were growing up, I literally grew up going to Bartlett's (back in the day it was a "Houston's" restaurant).   Every Sunday, our family would go to Bartlett's for our weekly family dinner.  And even since back then, It has never ever disappointed me. The prime rib is outstanding. French dip sandwich...amazing. Pineapple glazed rib eye. Awesome. They even have my favorite veggie burger in town. They have a good wine selection, but I also recommend trying the cocktails. The Rickshaw or the Blue Martini are two of my personal faves.

I have seen Bartlett's bustling with people and have also been there mid afternoon when there is barely a soul and the service is always awesome. Servers are attentive and professional. The booths are a bit more personal, if you're there on a date.

If you're a couple and considering dinner,  I recommend starting with the grilled artichokes. Two people can easily split both salad and an entree and servers are always willing to accommodate that request. Get a house salad and follow it up with the pineapple glazed rib eye and either the loaded baked potato or mashed potatoes. You won't be disappointed either way.


There is always a line here so you know for sure that the chicken is fresh. I thought the chicken was good but a bit over salted. The sides were great. You get a lot here with the combo. Definitely a great deal.


Now, regarding the roasted chicken.  I went this past Saturday with my hubby and his niece.  We ordered the roasted chicken and black beans. My boyfriend laughed when I said I wanted a chicken and black beans, he figured he could make it and it would taste just the same. That is until he HAD the roasted chicken and black beans!!! He fell in love just as I did! I am sad that this is only a seasonal dish and will be gone soon but we have already planned on going back to have this amazing dish one more time!


2408 W Anderson Lane

Austin, TX 78757

(512) 451-7333




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