Mama Mia! Amazing Calzones at 360 Pizza

March 4, 2014

When it comes to getting something other than pizza, 360's calzones are definitely a preferable alternative to any other offerings in the Austin area.  360 (oh how do I explain this) - the inside feels like an Italian gas station - the staff are unfailingly delightful (and non judgmental - which is important when you eat as much as I) - and the pizza is always crisp crusted and loaded with exactly the right amount of toppings.  In fact, to those who believe in an 'upper crust lifestyle', It can feel a little bit grimy if you eat in and when you order in it frustrates me that the delivery isn't a bit speedier. That being said a lie in plus the '360 supreme' with garlic knots on the side can cure all but the most monstrous of morning after heads.


The first time my wife & I stopped in, it was spur of the moment, but boy was it ever good!!!

While the inside is small, 3-4 tables, it's very clean & quaint. But if you like calzones, DO NOT let this small spot deter you from staying. You don't want to pass up the chance to make your tastebuds go awwwww. :) Their food is FANTASTIC!!!

On our 1st visit, we got their Pepperoni Calzone, and had them add extra cheese. It was so good, I thought I died and went to heaven! Seriously, the crust was perfect; not to thin, not to thick, and very flavorful! The dough to meat & cheese ratio was spot on, which I like. And the sauce was like an italian marinara, full of flavor, and not just tomato sauce slapped on.

The 2nd visit we got another Calzone, and it was even better. :D The 3rd visit, I got the Calzone, and hubby tried the Pizza. Another grand slam, knocked outta the park!!! It's just amazing food, that you won't find at other well know pizza places.

When we visited, it was usually around 2pm or so, and it was reaffirming to see how busy they were. A TON of 'To Go' business! And special requests were accepted gladly. The owner is a very nice guy, with a very good staff. Good customer service is obviously important, as everyone was greeted with a welcoming smile & hello. :D

Another 'feather in their cap' is their menu. It's got something for everyone, from Pizzas, to Salads, to Pasta, and everything in between. And don't forget, they can customize to your tastes, (within reason, I'm sure), so you can't go wrong!

As for the prices, they might 'seem' a little higher than the competition, but I feel you're getting bigger portion sizes, higher quality ingredients, better attention to food preparation, and most importantly....superior flavor. They truly strive to put out a product they can be proud of. And dollar for dollar, it can't be beat!!!

I highly recommend Ma Ma Mias for your next calzone-craving. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed. And don't forget...they not only deliver, but they cater too. :D


Quite a few times, I've had the calzone and a couple slices of pizza between the numerous times I've visited Ma Ma Mias. Really great food. The calzone is the best calzone you'll find in Austin. They also have a Maine Root fountain which is always a plus! They have Maine Root Blueberry! The staff here are very nice and knowledgeable of the menu and specials. The environment is pretty casual which is nice. I love the smell of this place when I walk in. If it's your first time, I recommend one of their calzones!


6203 N Capital Of Texas Hwy.

Austin, TX 78731

(512) 428-4788    





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