Austin Brewed Beer - Zilker...THE BEST

September 29, 2014

When my husband, sister and step brother sit down for a beer, we support the local breweries.  Thanks to long nights of endless chats, we've had the chance to sample so many options.  But Zilker is, without question, the best in Austin.


It's a fun brewery that was extremely packed when we checked it out. Long wooden tables adorn the sides of with a semi-circular bar area. Pretty small venue so it can get pretty packed.

Folks were lining up in front of the cashier (by the bar) to make their order. The line was almost out through the door. So if you're coming with a large group on a rainy weekend, get ready to spend a lot of time standing around waiting for folks to get up.


Ziker been provides many kinds/types of beer, including: Marco IPA, Coffee Milk Stout  and Seasonal IPA(Taproom IPA).  In their taproom, which was created by architects at Dick Clark and Associates (along with the founders), every aspect of the brewing process is on display. While sitting at the custom bar hand crafted by local artisans at Petrified Design, drinking a Zilker Beer is like no other brewery experience in Austin.

I liked their samplers and especially the cute glasses that they served the samplers. We got an assortment including their coffee milk stout (my fave) and the imperial stout (which is priced a bit more). We also got the Honey Blonde (another great one - thats saying a lot because I am not a fan of blonde beers) and the Tafelbier which was terrible.


But give Zilker a try - you will not be disappointed.


Zilker Brewing Company

1701 E 6th St,. Austin, TX 78702

(512) 765-4946




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