Holy Moly....the BEST Guacamole, La Condesa

February 7, 2015


When you think of Texas, you think of a handful of things - BBQ Ribs, Rodeos, Salsa, Chili, etc.  When I think of a great additional to nearly any meal in Austin, I think of guacamole.  I love guacamole.  My mom loved guacamole.  My dad loves it.  My kids love it.  Almost subconsciously, I'm continually searching for the best guacamole in Austin.  And I believe I have found it!


La Condesa is everything I want it to be - Nice ambiance, great drinks, food, and service.  We started with a Margarita, and the premium margarita with Pineapple.  No mixer here.  The flavors were of lime and agave.  SO GOOD.  


The chicken was so good. Roll it up with some guacamole and their smoky flavored salsa and it was so good. We also had their beans and rice. We'll definitely go back if we're in the neighborhood.

We had an appetizer of the Hamachi Ceviche (yellow tail ceviche, calamansi broth, avocado, crispy garlic, charred onion, habanero truffle oil.).  I could have had three more orders, and drank the marinade.  Best ceviche I've ever had next to what I got in Hawaii.  


But then, it came time to order the guacamole.  Oh, baby.  I love the queso fundido and the guacamole with watermelon and found it wonderful with my tacos.  If you feel adventurous, be sure to get the guacamole tasting -- it's a guac flight with 4 different types of guacamole and 4 different house-made salsas. The small tacos are also high on my list. Boca Negra is probably my favorite dessert.


Pay La Condesa a visit.  I highly recommend it.


400 W 2nd St., Suite A, Austin, Texas 78701

(512) 499-0300    





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