Shoal Creek Saloon's Pork Chop - Sensational

March 13, 2015

Shoal Creek Saloon is a friendly, consistent, delicious "go to" in town.  In 15 years, I've never had a bad experience.  Personally, I enjoy the gumbos, garlic soup, shrimp, and red beans & rice.  Servers are like family; very little turnover which speaks to the atmosphere.  On top of that, a beer by the creek outside remains a seldom mentioned feature of Austin.  But when it comes to pork chops...there is no equal.


The grilled pork chop is probably my favorite on the menu.  And its reasonably priced especially considering all the other restaurants on North Lamar.  If you are looking for a dinner spot that's not a black tie affair or a sports bar, this is the spot for you.  It's right in the middle.


Now, if you are not familiar with the pork chop at Shoal Creek Saloon, it is a grilled 1 pound pork chop.  Yes, 1 pound.  The outside comes out a blackened rust color and your first thought is what happened to this thing.  But then you cut into and its the juiciest, smokiest piece of delicious pork that you will ever have.  My hubby loves the pork chop and always asks for it even when it is not the special of the day, most times they have it.  


Now, regarding the restaurant - for those who have written that they don't like the decor, whatever!  Move along!  Parking?  You can find it, you just need to look around, and if you don't like doing so, just don't go during peak hours.  Hello?!?!  One last thing, the back room is crazy fun during key sporting events and for those of you who are of the "who dat nation", you gotta go for one of the games.



Shoal Creek Saloon

909 N. Lamar, Austin, Texas 78703

(512) 474-0805





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