Kerlin BBQ's Pulled Pork Sandwich...OMG

April 9, 2015

My brother and I love to scope the city of Austin in the hopes of amazing food.  My brother Nate's favorite sandwich is a Pulled Pork Sandwich.  After sampling six (yes, 6) amazing options in Austin, we believe that we have stumbled upon the best in the city - Kerlin's. 


We stopped by,during the weekend, and were delighted by their barbecue. It's tender and thick and flavorful. The sides were unique. I tried the jalapeno/dill potato salad and really liked it. I want to try the blue cheese cole slaw during my next visit. Best part? There was no line and we waited less than 5 minutes for our food.  I get that other places are popular, but I can't see waiting more than 20 minutes for food that is already cooked and just needing to be packaged or plated for you. You would think if they were that busy, they'd just get a bigger place. Or more registers, at least.


The tender slow-cooked pulled pork, topped with crunchy slaw and your choice of three barbeque sauces – sweet, smoky or spicy. All served on a toasted brioche bun.  Having three choices of barbeque sauce choices (sweet, smoky, spicy) is something that bothered me a little bit. On one hand, I think having flavor options is great, on the other hand I feel that the best barbeque sauces are a combination of sweet, smoky, and spicy already. I decided to go with the spicy barbeque sauce because that’s the one attribute that is usually missing from typical sauces. Sweet and smoky is the norm, but a little kick of spice is usually no where to be found. So by choosing the spicy barbeque sauce, my hopes that sweet and smoky would still show up.


We really loved Kerlin BBQ's Pulled Pork Sandwich for it's flat-out good barbecue, unique and yummy sides, friendly and quick service. It's on par with all the big names out there right now.


Kerlin BBQ

1700 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

(512) 412-5588










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