The Texas Chili Parlor - Oh, Baby...

June 20, 2015

I love chili.  I crave chili.  An amazing chili can make my entire day.  The Texas Chili Parlor is a must visit whenever I'm on Lavaca St. The venue might be considered a 'hole-in-the-wall dive' by some, but the atmosphere and service are great. I've been both at lunchtime and at dinnertime, as well as later in the evening, and it's great at all hours. 


I come to Texas Chili Parlor for one thing, and one thing only: Texas Chili. A nice, authentic bowl of red, no beans, no tomatoes. Although they have 3 spice levels, XX is the best. Do not, I repeat DO NOT get the XXX. Bad times, my friend, bad times! They're one of the few places where they aren't playing about the heat level. XX actually is mild in my opinion. XXX is nuclear, all I can taste is heat, ow, my insides! kind of hot. You've been warned.


Texas Chili Parlor does have more than just chili, though. They have burgers, enchiladas, frito pies, tacos, queso, guac, among other things...including salads. You do have to park on the street, but I've never had an issue. Texas Chili Parlor has stayed consistent over the years. They're definitely one of my favorite Austin eating spots.


This is my favorite hangout-spots in Austin.  Real local, food that's homemade! And the people, staff (and patrons) are wonderful.  Also - satellite radio playing gear rock and 3 TV SHOW to watch the game of the week.  Great place!


Texas Chili Parlor

1409 Lavaca St., Austin, TX 78701

(512) 472-2828





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