Beat The Heat: Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs, Ice Cream

Austin in July is HOT.  Too Hot.  This is a foregone conclusion if you've lived here through a single Summer.  And there is no better way to take comfort from the heat than enjoying an amazing, frosty delight.  Well, Casey's New Orleans Snowballs has the cure for the Summertime 'miserable.' 


In continual conversations in the summer time, I kept hearing people say - "I've got to go to Casey's."  So I finally asked - "Who or what is Casey's?"  glad I asked.


Casey's is located on the 800th block of East 51st street, near the corner of 51st street and Airport Blvd.; directly next to the Stop Shop convenience store and across the street from Ross Ride's Auto Sales.

To be honest, I live pretty close to Casey's and I recently and saw this place swamped in the summer with families! I booked 'mentally bookmarked it" and thought to myself, I'll try this later when I see a shorter line." 


Yesterday I finally tried it and man do I have regrets! I should have gone here much, much sooner. They give really generous portions and the flavor a look like they mixed and concocted it themselves. The staff is really friendly and patient. My only issue is--- they are seasonal!! And closing this year on October 2nd... Opening again in March *insert sad face*


Recommendations: cafe au lait, pink lady, mango with chile con limon, and dreamsicle.

Remember to ask for a scoop of ice cream in the center ( I think they use blue bell) and light on syrup (they still give you plenty)


808 E 51st St., Austin, TX 78751

(Could not locate a phone number anywhere onsite)





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