Frank's Hot Dog Joint

November 20, 2015

The hot dog is the perfect summertime food, and that especially applies to Austin, when the hot weather sticks around for a while. It's a simple item: all you need is a bun, the 'the frank,' and perhaps a few condiments some toppings if you so choose. In Austin, there are plenty of options, and here is your guide to the best of the best hot dogs. There are the reliable dogs from Frank, true Tucson ones from T-Lock’s Sonora, wild boar ones from Dai Due, trucks like Evil Wiener. This update includes bacon-wrapped hot dogs from Mission Dogs, and pool-side ones with a view from Westin Austin’s Azul.


Frank's is a very nice spot.  Small, cozy and intimate. The menu is unique and have a nice "chefs" touch to them.  I walked in and didn't know what to order because everything looked great.  I ordered the 'Jackalope' and  'The Notorious P.I.G.' and each had their own personal touch unlike the regular known hot dogs.  Both were EXCELLENT and I will be back soon to try something else soon.


Consider just one example, called 'The Stag.'  It's a local-made smoked jalapeno, cheddar, venison, and pork sausage dressed with smoked black pepper-honey cream cheese, blueberry-habanero-espresso BBQ sauce and crushed Zapp‘s Voodoo chips on a custom-made Frank bun.  Can you imagine?  OMG


The menu is overwhelming but just get the above and you'll be immensely satisfied!


I've been eating hot dogs my entire life...and there's nothing quite like Frank's hot dog.


They're doing SO WELL, that they also opened a location in San Antonio.


Well done, Frank....well done.

Frank's Hot Dog Joint
407 Colorado St,

Austin, TX 78701





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