New Fortune Chinese Restaurant...Hard to Beat!

September 24, 2015

I cannot get enough of Dim Sum and this place is my all time favorite dim sum place in the world (granted i have not been to many places) I feel like I have hit some popular spots in the midwest. I go to Texas every year and every year we make a stop in Austin during Christmas. This is the place I always look forward to when coming here. Luckily open on Christmas eve and Christmas day, it gets really crowded on weekend during the lunch hours. Especially after church on Sundays, expect a wait if you are not there early. The restaurant is really spacious though to accommodate all these people. The room looks like a big ballroom converted to a dim sum restaurant.


Food: Dim sum is a style of eating where the service people push/carry around carts/trays with small portions of various food like dumplings, chicken feet, crab claws, etc. They stop around at each table and you can select whatever you want to eat. The service person then marks that on your sheet depending on the item size.


This place also has a buffet style serving area as well with desserts and other items. All you have to do is bring your item checklist paper up there and order what you want to bring back to the table. Having been to many dim sum restaurants, I feel like this place has a pretty complete selection of the standard dim sum food including but not all inclusive: hac cao, xiu mai, banh cuon, chicken feet, pork ribs, crab claws, taro/radish cake, egg tarts and pineapple buns. Along with some oddities making this places one up including seaweed salad and soup dumplings. The food is decent and what I crave for when going to dim sum.


Service actually exists and is prompt, which is a healthy departure from most authentic restaurants where the service staff treats you like a nuisance.


The unusual things were not that great so I would not recommend those. My favorite dishes today included hac cao (shrimp dumplings), spicy pork dumplings, and the shrimp banh cuon. I know pretty boring since 2 out of 3 of those items are normal dim sum food, but they are my favorite.


Service is quick, clean, friendly and effortless. The staff works together so efficiently with a fantastic attitude. You want more chili? You got it. You want extra sauce? Already on your table. Need an extra spoon? Check your pocket. Want your check? You already paid. It is that effortless, my dear patrons


New Fortune Chinese Restaurant

10901 N. Lamar Blvd


Austin, TX 78753 





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