Tamale House East - What a find!

October 3, 2015

Austin is well known for amazing food, but when it comes to BBQ, Tex-Mex and Mexican, we probably lead the field. And if you ask if 'Breakfast tacos' are an Austin thing ya? YEAH! I was always afraid to try them until I was like, "...well, if Anthony Bourdain says Austin is the originator and the home of the best breakfast tacos, then fXXX it" So happy I tried this place. It was on No Reservations and it's fantastic.


There is something special about eating homemade tamales at Tamale House East.  Every year, near Halloween (right now), I'm lucky enough that my mom will make tamales from scratch for the family.  However, I crave them all year long!  Well, there are plenty of tamale vendors out there that sell at street corner's but I have found 2 of the best in Austin.  


Walk through a dusty parking lot, push that wooden door and enter a world of color, pretty smells, a freaking fountain with birdies, salsa bar and freshly made margaritas. Everything about this place is wonderful. The prices, the spunky lady at the register who by-the-way doesn't judge you for having a prickly pear margarita at 11am with your breakfast taco and encourages the homemade salsa. Hell, she even ran outside to make sure the birds weren't feasting before we did. I would frequent this place always if I lived in Austin... but for now, I will settle for every time I get off that airplane, take a Fasten (aka NOT Uber) and my first stop will be here. Every time.


The reason I am a fan is that both tacos were delicious.  The chicken taco was nice, shredded, white meat with this super flavorful, a little spicy tomatillo salsa, and a big, thick slice of avocado.  The deluxe beef was chock full of fresh veggies and a dollop of guacamole perched on top.


You can't beat Tamale House East in Austin. I see them almost everyday and it's hard to resist buying one of those steaming hot tamales. I just bought 2 pork tamales yesterday evening. I definitely thought that they would close down for the Austin wintertime...but nope!  Tamale House East is there everyday even during the crazy weather.


Pay them a visit - you'll see what I'm talking about.


Tamale House East

1707 E 6th St.

Austin, TX 78702  

(512) 495-9504





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