Joe's Bakery & Coffee Shop - Amazing Tacos!!

April 11, 2016

A coffee shop that makes amazing taco's?  Absolutely!  For over 75 years Joe Avila’s family has been serving the Austin community. Throughout the years the Avila family has become a dynasty among East Austin businesses and has generated a loyal customer base. Generations of families have patronized and been employed by this family business from the beginning of La Oriental at 2305 E. 9th St. to Joe’s Bakery & Coffee Shop at 2305 E.7th St. The story of Joe’s Bakery & Coffee Shop is four generations in the making, and shows the perseverance, commitment and loyalty of one family.  The family business began in 1935 when Joe’s mother and stepfather, Sophia and Florentino De La O, opened La Oriental Grocery & Bakery at 2305 East 9th Street. The bakery on 9th street was not just a place of business but it was their home; they lived in back of La Oriental. The small neighborhood bakery was the hangout for adults and children to catch up on the local news and events in the community. Florentino a talented baker worked diligently to bring the traditional style of pan mexicano to the neighborhood. He was a hard worker who continued to work for numerous bakeries around Austin while maintaining his own bakery. For 22 years La Oriental flourished on East 9th St until closing its doors in 1957.


If you’re over the whole bacon fad -- and we don’t blame you if you are -- the bacon used in Joe’s Bakery’s tacos won’t reconvert you, but the strips of pork, dredged in flour before frying, will likely be the only bacon you’ll want to consume thereafter. The breakfast meat’s increased density and the fact that the strips are left intact allow the bacon to hold its own against the hearty serving of scrambled eggs and cheese in the fresh, camping-bed-pad-thick flour tortilla.


In some of their tacos, the peppery brisket comes with a ribbon of smoke and gets amped up for the amazing breakfast-themed tacos, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you do not request a glance at their comprehensive menus. Surprisingly light, the cuts of pork -- sometimes chopped, sometimes shredded -- have a smoky sweetness tightened by caramelized onions and carried by the luminescent tomatillo-habanero salsa.


When it comes to can do a lot worse.  Give them a try!  We LOVED it!

Joe's Bakery & Coffee Shop - 2305 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702, 512-472-0017    www.








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