Mouthwatering Meatloaf at Three Little Pigs

No one seems to be too excited when the subject of meatloaf is slipped into a food-related conversation.  And in my opinion that's a shame. 


When hunger strikes, a phenomenal meatloaf dinner can be a fantastic, enjoyable and memorable cure.  And if you live in Austin, Texas and would like to take me up on a great meatloaf recommendation, consider the "Cracklin' Meatloaf wrapped in bacon with cheese grits and collard greens" at Three Little Pigs on Burnet Road (it'slocated across the from the Texas State Cemetery).  Just a quick note - it's a food truck.  Just keep that in mind...but you won't care when you begin to eat it.


Even before I moved here in 2007, I have always loved visiting Austin, and this place just seals the deal for me. I wish I lived here so I could come eat whenever. It's so good that one of my crazy friends will actually fly through Austin in his travels, stop to eat at Three Little Pigs, and then go back to the airport and fly out to his final destination. But it's totally worth it.  He's actually still mad at me today, because when we went together for the first time, I totally ordered and hogged the Asian fried chicken.  Couldn't help it though, the smell and sight of it on the plate was just continually calling my name.

Anyways, as everyone else here has already mentioned, the pork belly slider is wonderful. as well I can't say enough good things about this place.  So put this on your itinerary, pick up a bottle of wine from the place next door, and pig out, pun intended!  The 'Cracklin Meatloaf' (the edge is wrapped in bacon and the meatloaf has tiny pieces of veggies in it) includes cheese grits/greens within meatloaf itself.  If eaten together, they make the perfect bite.


When I visit Three Little Pigs again, I'll probably get an order of the meatloaf to-go and enjoy a delicious 'meatloaf sandwich' for work the next day. I'm hungry.


Three Little Pigs

6507 Burnet Rd., Austin, TX 78757

(512) 653-5088





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