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November 15, 2018

 When it comes to Thanksgiving (which will be here soon enough),


In fact, Black's BBQ catered our wedding and they were absolutely fantastic. They were super fast, and super friendly! They took special care to keep the food fresh and warm until serving time, and really made each of our guests feel welcome. It rained during our wedding day and their crew worked worked fast and undeterred! And the food... We knew we wanted BBQ and have been to every major place in Austin from Franklin to County Line. So when I say that Black's knows what they're doing - know that we love good BBQ. Their brisket is moist and succulent and their turkey is hands down the best we have *ever* had. Anywhere. Also, their pricing was unbelievable for the quality. There was no "wedding tax" on our event - just incredible food at a fair price. They even wrapped and refrigerated leftovers without us (the bride and groom) even knowing. What a great surprise and an awesome reward for our tireless wedding party!


When in Texas, eat as the Texans do! After a long search on Yelp looking for the best barbecue spots that were open on New Year's Eve, we came upon the Original Black's Barbecue.

Don't be discouraged by the long line out the door! It's usually an indicator that the place is good. Plus, the line moves quickly. The ordering process is quite easy- stand in the long line, order at the counter, pick up your food, find your own seat. There's plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors. Don't forget to grab some extra barbecue sauce, pickles, and raw onions!

Since they're known for their giant beef rib, we had to get it! At $18/lb, it ain't cheap. And 1 rib was 1.5 pounds so the beef rib alone cost a total of $27! Holy cow, It was bigger than my head! It must have come from a dinosaur-sized beast of a cow. I was full from just eating the giant beef rib. It had great flavor and that (literal) fall-off-the-bone tenderness. I didn't like it was too greasy though. Without the raw onions and pickles, I would not have been able to stomach it.

We also got the pork spare rib ($15/lb), which was also very flavorful, the original homemade sausage (texture is a bit crumbly but overall was good), and a side of norma jean's beans. You can definitely tell the beans are homemade and not from a can.



Give Black's a phone call:

Austin: 512-524-0801
Lockhart: 512-398-2712
San Marcos: 512-878-0795


Check out their Catering Menu, too: https://blacksbbq.com/catering.html


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