Best Holiday Dessert, Austin: Sugar Mama's

December 6, 2018


Three words...Christmas, Sugary Treats!

Not only do we have the best neighbors in the world, but they went above and beyond yesterday when they delivered a bag of cookies to our door from Sugar Mama's.

I've never officially had a real butter cookie, and I had never thought about buying one until yesterday. But, I will say it may have changed my life in a sugar cookie kind of way. It's quite honestly the best cookie I've experienced...ever! Melt-in-your-mouth buttery, soft, delicious, sweet, sugary, and cute...just so cute with all those sprinkles!

If you want an adorable spring-inspired happy cookie (just in time for Christmas), go to Sugar Mama's and order up a bag, or box or anything sweet! prepared to follow up your cookie bites with a giant glass of milk. They are ridiculously rich!


Olivia and Steve O'Neal first dreamed up the concept for Sugar Mama's Bakeshop after realizing they had the perfect combination for a successful bakery: Olivia loved to bake and Steve loved to taste test. And so Sugar Mama's was born!


Since then, they've proudly watched Sugar Mama's grow over the past few years with your support. We now employ 10 Austin residents, donate as much as they can to local charities, and generally try to spread a bit of cheer to our neighborhood and beyond.   They hope you love eating sweets as much as they love making them.


Sugar Mama's is also doing their part to keep Austin green.  Their cups are made from renewable, compostable materials and they are actively working towards creating a zero-waste environment, composting what would normally end up in a landfill and recycling everything that we possibly can.  Despite massive growth (thanks, Austin!),  they have successfully reduced waste by 75% so far, and are constantly looking for ways to improve (even use unbleached chlorine-free bakery boxes), because every little bit helps!


1905 S 1st St.

Austin, TX 78704

(512) 448-3727

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