Mouth-Watering Meatloaf

April 20, 2018


If you've never visited the 24 Diner and sampled their meatloaf, now's the time.


24 hour diner is popular so there's usually a wait during brunch time. The hostess told my party of 5 that it would be over an hour but it was only 30 mins (but she did say that a lot of people didn't show up). There's no place to wait inside so you're stuck waiting outside (which can suck if it rains). There's indoor and outdoor seating available as well.


It's been recommended, over and over that I sample the meatloaf and I'm SO happy I did!  The meatloaf was perfectly cooked and it had a nice crust covered in gravy.  Both my wife and daughter ordered the chicken, and both were cooked and seasoned well.  In fact, the highlight of all meals were the green beans which were cooked and presented real well.


In fact, my friend Angie came to 24 Diner with me and ordered the meatloaf as well - she said: "The meatloaf sandwich was fan-freaking-tastic. Do NOT put any ketchup on hot sauce on this. Eat it the way it comes, meaty and moist on homemade sourdough waffle-looking bread. The tomato cucumber salad was pretty good too."


The restaurant is still cooking outrageously good food, and they support it with staff members and managers that seem to care about their food and patrons!  I will return again for the hash and apple pie!


24 Diner

600 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX, 78703




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