Tex Mex BBQ? Yes, Yes...and Yes!

February 9, 2019


My wife and I saw this on Bon Appetite and we just had to stop by during our trip back to Austin.


We ordered all kinds of items.  I got the pulled brisket and pulled pork tacos and they were both amazing. The flour tortillas are fresh and doughy and I'm very picky about my flour tortillas. The meat was juicy and perfect. The guacamole on the brisket taco was so delicious and had a burst of lime flavor that went perfectly with everything. The barbecue sauce was also awesome.


Probably the best piece of culinary to be placed in a tortilla whether it be corn or flour.  The place is not off some beaten path or exquisite, which seems to be the trend to be good.  It's not trying to be anything but honest and true.  What you will experience is pure sublime in the form of food poetry in your mouth.  There is not one item on the menu that will disappoint you, I just prefer the tacos.  And when I say tacos I mean the Barbacoa and the ACP taco.  Portions a big, you need one but crave two, word of advise split the second one.  Made from basic ingredients turned into excellence.  Dog and kid friendly, make it your next 30 min lunch stop.


We went back THREE TIMES and loved everything about this place and can easily see how they are making the elite and coveted list of Texas Top 50.   We wish Miguel, his entire team and his business continued success.


It's a short drive from Austin and well worth it.  I've eaten at La Barbecue, Franklin's, John Mueller (before he went to jail), and Micklethwait....and I can easily tell you this is just as good



11500 Manchaca Road

Austin, TX 78745


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