Kubo's Re-Opens in Houston, March 22nd

March 10, 2019

Photograph above, courtesy of David and Lauren Upton


A foundational Japanese restaurant is set to re-open in the city of Houston but with an entirely new approach to their menu.


A Japanese Kaiseki isn't a culinary feast that many Texans are familiar with.  However, with the changing trends and eternal evolution of Japanese cuisine throughout the world, it's no surprise that it is beginning to surface here.  But not Austin just yet.  In Houston, no less.


Simply explained, Kaisekis are a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. The term also refers to the collection of skills and techniques that allow the preparation of such meals and is analogous to Western haute cuisine.


Kubo's Sushi and Washoku and a turn-about concept from the previous owner of Kubo's Sushi Bar & Grill in central Houston.  Under the leadership from the restaurant's original owner, Mr. Yoichi Ueno, Kubo's Sushi and Washoku will lend itself to common sushi options as well as Waygu (certified Japanese cattle) for the meat lovers and a special Washoku (Kaiseki Experience) for those hoping to devour something truly different.


Posting their new address on Washington Avenue, this revival will be at the former location of Kukuri, a highlighted project of Houston's past that merely lasted less than eight months.


A small gathering of Japanese fanatics gathered together in Houston to sample the first steps of this new venture.  The chef received a rave review and a notable nod from the knowledgeable, eager diners.


Kubo's Sushi & Washoku will re-open as a soft opening only during dinner time, 5:30 pm starting on Friday, March 22nd.  As they gain their strength and condition their staff and menu, they will be open to primarily test the waters and re-engage with their customers.  For a short time, they anticipate operating during the week and weekend, but remaining closed on Sundays and Mondays to re-tool and acclimate to standard processes. 


This must come to Austin as well!


Kubo's Sushi & Washoku

1902 Washington Avenue C 

Houston, TX 77007





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