Round Rock Donuts Tops the Austin List!



If you live in Northern Austin (near Round Rock) and happy to enjoy delicious donuts, this is the place for you.  


First of all, they provide the best glazed donut ever (so many best-evers since arriving in Texas). The donuts had a distinct orange color to them, and made me wonder if our order was mixed up. Whatever it is, maybe it's the reason why it's so good - it was far above a level of donuts you'd find at a Krispy Kreme.


Secondly, you'll love the value.  I spent $5 for 2 donuts, 1 kolache, and 1 coffee.  $5 for all of it.  That is insanely cheap and delicious all around.  


Third, the best thing on the menu isn't even a donut. The jumbo jalapeño and cheese or the jumbo cheese kolachee are the crème de la crème. Get a jumbo and a glaze/fritter and you won't be disappointed. I highly recommend to anyone.


Take my advice - stop here for a quick breakfast and get a donut and coffee to try them out. Be prepared to wait for this place because there is a big line that wraps around for drive thru, the line inside is long, and then you get your order after waiting for a bit. Once you do all that, you get a hot cup of coffee - very standard and what I need to start my day. The strawberry donut was super delicious, it surprisingly really tastes like strawberry and I regret not getting 2. The only qualm here is that they get you your order by a number system that they yell out so you have to wait inside to get your order and inside is very very hot so that's uncomfortable.


Round Rock Donuts

106 W Liberty St
Round Rock, TX 78664

(512) 255-3629

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