Kanji Ramen - A Taste of Japan in Austin.

March 25, 2019


I can't quite decide between a few spots, but this might just be my new favorite ramen in town.   Austin is blessed with several top notch ramen joints and a great local noodle manufacturer. Kanji is right up there with the Daruma, Tatsuya, and Michi North Lamar. All are incredible...just a matter of personal preference. Hot Miso comes with chili paste on top that you stir in yourself. Nice presentation. Nice atmosphere in the place. Owner behind the counter.


My wife said - 'Finally a ramen place with adequate seasoning that doesn't make me hate myself after eating.'


Almost in all ramen restaurants, even very famous ones, I found their ramen too salty. I decided to try Kanji because someone complained that their noodle is 'bland', which is perfectly to my taste (and honestly, the noodle definitely has flavor, just not as salty as the general American food) Ordered kid's ramen, decent portion size.


Really enjoyed the ramen. Not too salty, not too oily. The portion was a good size to make someone like me full! The staff is also super friendly and helpful! The atmosphere is fun and inviting. I hope to come back soon!  If you are looking for the new amazing ramen joint then this is it. By far the best ramen in town. Less fatty than tatsu-ya and less salty than the others.


Amazing broth and great staff. Also kid friendly.


Overall, this place is worth trying if you're willing to venture out and try something tasty!


12636 Research Blvd.

Sutie C101

Austin, TX 78759




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