Blood Bros.- Best BBQ in Houston

April 24, 2019



"This story begins in the early 90’s, in a small, middle class suburb of SW Houston named Alief. What distinguished this suburb from others was the melting pot of cultures and the joining of the white and blue collar workers. Growing up in Alief during this time was special. The bonds that were formed between young teenagers were more than just friendships; they were brotherhoods."


That's how their relationship began.  And now, they have worked together to create a new project for the people of Houston - Blood Bros. BBQ.


We ordered a pound of brisket, 1/3 lb. of sausage and 1/3 lb. of turkey. The brisket was the clearly out favorite - juicy and ideal when combined with their SWAT sauce that added a little touch of spiciness.


My wife adored the jalapeno cheddar sausage. It was the most flavorful of the 3 meats her, and it was first concerned that it was going to be overly spicy...and it wasn't.  We all enjoy the turkey as well but our favorite was the brisket.  It was just incredible. 


Like all BBQ shops, they have great standardized menu items (such as brisket and turkey) while offering delicious side options such as creamed corn, mac-n-cheese and amazing sausage!


I highly recommend you order the brisket fried rice...and try mixing in a little of their BBQ sauce for an additional level of flavor.


Check this place out.  They're known for running out of meat and shutting down.  I'm serious.



5425 Bellaire Blvd 

Bellaire, TX 77401

(713) 664-7776

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