OMG Potatoes and OMG Potatoes

May 16, 2019


First of all, we're talking about an amazing food truck.  And I've been to this spot twice now.


When I was in Houston, I heard about someone bragging about their amazing experience, so this was my very first time having their food. I must say they do live up to the hype. I ordered the lobster and shrimp and my sister got the oxtail potato. We both enjoyed our meal, me probably more so since I had all my favorite items in one sitting, lol. My only drawback would be that the potato itself, although favorable, was cooler than the meat and cheese on top. But overall, I thought I would definitely come here again.


Then, when I returned to Houston for work, I went back again.  My second time eating at OMG bake potato and I have to say it was very good the first time visiting here I had the oxtail bake potato so this time I choose to try the lobster tail and colossal shrimp potato and it was great well seasoned and a lot of food the service was great the employees where positive the only thing I would suggest is the potato needed more sauce and that's it from me will be back soon 


Here's the rundown: 

  • Parking: lots of room to park.

  • Food truck: Very big

  • Payment type: debit/credit cards via apple pay.

  • Cons:Needs to offer sour cream or guacamole or some sort of condiments as a topping on the potato.

  • Pros: You receive a buzzer that beeps when your order is ready.

  • Timeframe: 30 minutes so you may wanna call ahead.

The prices initially gives you sticker shock but that come from not knowing what is delivered for the price. What is delivered is a perfectly large baked potato with the topping requested. I mean full sized meal. This is a Texas sized piece of gastronomy that merits a stop and try. Price is very good for the complete meal delivered. My chopped sausage and meat potato was perfection. I'm going to try their lobster next time.


The first bite literally makes you say "OMG!!"  The chicken & broccoli (add shrimp) was delicious. My mom and I shared one and still had some left over. The staff is awesome, always a positive experience.


13815 S Post Oak Road 

Houston, TX 77045

(832) 819-4664 (Website not Available)

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