Santorini Cafe - the BEST in Greek Food

June 10, 2019

My husband is truly addicted to Greek food.  Can't get enough of it.  And even though we visit nearly every Greek hot spot in Austin, he always comes back to the Santorini Cafe.  And I would agree with him. 


First of all, this place is a great spot to hit up for lunch! I went one afternoon and got a chicken bowl. It was fairly priced at $9.25 and was delicious and very healthy! Would definitely recommend if you're looking for a healthy lunch option that won't break the bank.  That is a plus right there.


But, secondly, we have been coming here for a long time now, both for lunches and take home dinners for the family. I'm impressed with the taste and quality of the food and how friendly the staff always is! That is also a BIG plus to us.


Third - I love salads, but salads can be boring. I also love Middle Eastern cuisine, especially falafel! When I am passing by their establishment, has been my go-to way to eat a quick, healthy, and delicious lunch. I always get their salad, and ask them to add everything except feta.


Now, we get regular catering from these folks for our company meetings and it's always delicious! We love the gozi flatbread sandwiches and the pita chips are to die for! Highly recommend!


Wew always enjoyed the experience at Santorini's Cafe. The only drawback I'd say is that they kept me waiting an extra 10 mins for the grilled chicken, and the free Gozi chips weren't available.  Who's complaining?  Not me.


11800 N Lamar Blvd. 

Bldg 1
Austin, Texas 78753

(512) 833-6000

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