Atrial Rubicite: the Beer in the State of Texas

August 2, 2019



My girlfriends and I have fun.  We separate our group into two teams and we sample and rate wine, whiskey and beer.  The goal is to review every sample and unites cultures and interests. 


And over a period of four weeks and eight gatherings, we have chosen that Atrial Rubicite is the very best beer in Texas.


Atrial Rubicite has a very evident raspberry aroma, mostly from the flesh of the fruit, and a pithy quality that comes across as slightly woody is first noted in this Wood-Aged Beer. Lambic-like wild yeast characteristics are detectable as well, predominantly barnyard and horse blanket aromas. The appearance is a brilliant ruby color with no hint of cloudiness coupled with a very faint ring of bubbles that just clings to the glass's edge. 


The flavor is intensely sour with some grapefruit and a lot of aspirin character. The raspberry fruit is still detectable and provides a very slight fruit flavor along with the perception of raspberry tartness.


The mouthfeel of this beer is defined by the puckering sourness that carries well into the finish – and beyond. Enough carbonation is there, despite appearances, to provide some carbonic astringency as an added dimension. Overall, this is an excellent fruit lambic on par with some of the best fruit lambics from the Senne Valley in Belgium. If that is your thing, you would be remiss to pass up this excellent, American-brewed example.


Atrial Rubicite is only available at the Jester King Brewery...and worth the drive.


Brewery: 3187 Fitzhugh Rd, Austin, TX 78736

The Brewery does not publish a phone number.




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