The BEST Cherry Pie in Austin, Texas: Tiny Pies

September 22, 2019

Ever wanted a single serving piece of pie but felt too guilty to get a whole pie since you'd feel too guilty eating the whole thing, but wanting maximum crust action? Tiny Pies solves all of your pie dilemmas by providing you with mini pies!

Yes the crust ratio is high, but lets be honest, crust is the best part of the pie and they do it well. Burnished to a nice golden brown with exceptional flakiness and filled with just enough filling (apple in this case) to round it all out. I love apple pie and Tiny Pies definitely satisfies in that regard. I haven't tried the others but the pecan looked really good too.


This little shop is located in a popular suburban area of Austin; but, like the pies, don't let its size fool you.

There is no seating area inside but there is enough space for one large group to stand and order.

I ordered the violent blackberry pie which was the special at the time (summer). This pie was filled to the brim with emulsified blackberries and the pie exterior is just crunchy enough to provide an appreciated distinction in texture. For the price of a pie (~4-5 dollars), I'd say it's worth it.


Nothing screams summer more than a sweet cherry pie! Get this homemade, from scratch recipe that calls for a flaky crust filled to the brim with fresh dark cherries.  At Tiny Pieces, the sour cherry pie for my husband for Valentine's Day. We love the sweet cherries and the sour cherries equally, but for him the sour cherry pie is traditional. The cost gave me a little pause, but Tiny Pie uses real, good, proper cherries, and they are so superior to any other commercial product as to be incomparable. 


We lived in Colorado for many years and we used to pick our own pie cherries in Loveland. And we fell in love with pies.  Now that we are in Austin, Tiny Pies were just scrumptious. I haven’t found cherries that good until now! It’s been 40+ years since those cherry picking days. Our middle son always asked for cherry pie for his birthday even into adulthood. I made a Christmas dinner dessert pie yesterday and I must say Tiny Pie's cherry pie rivals the old days!


Savory and sweet.  All so good.  They are best eaten room temp.  The empanadas reheated can be remarkably greasy as the lovely fat laden crust heats up.  The 'tiny pies' are also quite generous.


Tiny Pies has two locations in Austin to consider.  We love them!



5035 Burnet Rd #100

Austin, TX 78756

(512) 916-0184



2032 S Lamar Blvd

Austin, TX 78704

(512) 460-9697



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