Best Soul Food in Austin, Texas - Granny's Kitchen, Food Truck

September 27, 2019




When it comes to Soul Food (if you know what it is), you need to enjoy this food truck named 'Granny's Kitchen.'


When you're cooped up in an office with non stop meetings from 8:30 to 5, and just a 30 minute break at lunch. But lordy, there's a soul food truck outside today, and in a few minutes I'm back in the next meeting, but now feasting on meatloaf, collard greens and taters.


Miss Van is the owner of My Granny's Kitchen and she is one of the realest, most interesting people I have ever met. I loved my expirience with her food truck and the eating grounds are just amazing for any one wanting to go out for the night and enjoy being outside with a community of creative people.


Recently, I had the chicken and dumplings with a side of Mac and cheese. They also threw in some cornbread. The chicken and dumplings were so flavorful. I had my fill of the dumplings soon but couldn't get enough of the chicken. The Mac and cheese was wonderful and swimming in cheesiness. Also, I've never been a fan of cornbread but Granny's cornbread was so sweet and delicious! It was the highlight of my plate.  


This truck is fantastic! I got the meatloaf and mac and cheese last time, and this week I tried the beef tips with rice and a side of potato salad. Each entree comes with a hunk of corn bread. Everything is super delicious. I was going to take a picture and forgot both times because I couldn't restrain myself after the first bite.


Can't wait to try more of the menu!


3311 Esperanza Crossing

Austin,  TX 78759

No Phone Number Available


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