Houston's Amazing Burritos - Cabo Baja

October 17, 2019


My husband and I have been searching for good Mexican food since we moved here from San Diego and this has been the first place we have tried that has been what we have been looking for. We legit started smiling after taking our first bite, we couldn't help it. This place is 45 minutes from home but worth the drive.


I thoroughly enjoyed Cabo Baja. The value for the product is great. I have only been one time but I really liked everything I tried. The Baja taco was super fresh hot and crunchy. This is a must get imo and one of the best fish tacos I've ever had period. The pastor was also well done and will definitely be getting this again soon. I also tried the shrimp taco, while it didn't come with a ton of shrimp on it, it was obviously high quality and very fresh. The pollo carne was the weakest of the 4 but was by no means bad. We got chips and queso, they served a decent sized bowl for the amount they charge. There salsa bar was also very good, they have 2 creamy ones and 1 verde that I really liked.


I love the Baja fish taco but it is so much better if you're a fan to get the Baja fish burrito. If you're looking to order one item and be full, the Baja fish burrito is my choice but all the burritos would fulfill the portion quota. I tried the pork burrito and it wasn't my thing (the regret). The California burrito is amazing as well but too heavy for me to order on the regular, save it for your stoner-munchy moments lol, same goes for the Asada fries!!! So amazing!


Just so you know - This place is counter service, you receive a number that they call over the speaker when yours is ready for pickup.


Give it a try!


4520 Washington Ave. 

Houston, TX 77007

(281) 974-5371



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