Bond...with the Common Bond, in Houston

October 22, 2019


If you don't appreciate great baking, 'x' out of this page right now.  There's no point in reading further.  However if you do appreciate amazing baked goods...keep reading.


I was staying in an AirBnB with two friends who were visiting Houston for the first time.  After doing a Waze search on my phone, I learned of Common Bond.  According to the online review, their pastries are to die for and their entrees are so tasty.  So, after we were fully awake from last night's drinking experience, we walked in for the first time.  I have the hardest time selecting what I want because I just want to eat everything LOL. I've never tried anything here that I didn't like.


The next morning, (on Day 2) I woke up with a craving for their coffee, let's start there. The aroma is mouth watering and the macaroons line up for ig perfection. Although the line can be intimidating, the staff keeps it moving smoothly. The tables are cleaned regularly so you are not sitting around other people's crumbs, which is the case a lot of the times at other bakeries. Contemplating getting up now to get a latte.


This is a fantastic bakery and breakfast/lunch spot. Their pastries are always delicious (the pistachio croissant is a favorite of my husband's) and the food is consistently good to excellent. I've found the staff to be friendly, although since it's an order at the counter style restaurant, there isn't much service to speak of. But the atmosphere is casual and comfortable. The tables are very close together and it does get crowded, so sometimes it can feel a little bit like a sardine can, but such is the price of a good meal.


If you love croissants and you live in Houston (or you'll be in Houston), don't miss this spot.  O..M..G


1706 Westheimer Rd.

Houston, TX 77006

(713) 529-3535



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