Houston's Best Baked Potato: OMG

February 1, 2020

There are some food trucks that get your attention.  THIS is one of them.


My friends always talked about and it and I've heard about OMG for awhile now, and never got around to stopping by. I figured today would be the day to try them out. I ordered a steak and shrimp potato. It was a good portion of food, with quality ingredients used. Me and my wife were able to split one and both get full. The staff was very friendly and helpful.


Now, definitely visit OMG when you're hungry!  You May find that one banked potato is good enough for two of you! This place is very good and does takeout. It's a wonderful hangover food too. I give it two thumbs up and say give it a try!


Their baked potatoes literally make you say OMG! Not only do they look like that crazy good food you see on Instagram, but they also taste good. I couldn't decide which one to get because they all looked so good and I didn't want to miss out on one. I ended up ordering the Chicken Bacon Ranch with Shrimp but so also got the chance to try the Fiyaaa and the Chicken Broccoli and Shrimp. The Chicken Bacon Ranch was definitely the winner for me. The chicken and shrimp were seasoned well and the ranch added an extra kick to it. The Chicken Broccoli was a little too juicy but the flavor was still pretty good.


Also - this is a Black-Owned business that takes pride of their work and community! They were very timely with the order. The portions were great and very filling for the price. You can tell that they are great at their craft and aim for success within each plate. I will be eating there again!


Houston Food Truck

13815 S Post Oak Rd. 

Houston, TX 77045

(832) 819-4664

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