Best Raw Oysters in Houston – Prohibition

April 30, 2020

Frankly, this sleek, airy, intentionally rustic oyster bar that sprouted in the midst of downtown Houston -- located in the heart of the boardwalk's historic convention hall, no less -- could initially be dismissed as an overpriced cash grab aimed at a new wave of tourists. But, as its inclusion makes obvious, it's not.


FYI - Monday is all day happy hour oysters. Rest of the weekdays it's 4-7. $0.50 grilled oysters and raw. There are a variety to choose from. Parmesan is probably our favorite for the past two visits. All grilled oysters come with two toast to suck up all that juiciness.

But the simple raw bar is just as impressive as its hot dishes, bringing a wide selection of oysters from across the country to a region known for being passionately dedicated to its own huge, briny bivalves.


About the place itself - the interior is gorgeous and looked very fancy. The service was amazing and friendly. They were very accommodating.  We all ate some oysters, had some drinks and enjoyed the ambiance.  My best friend and I discovered this place because of Rudy and Grupo Kache and met the best mixologist in Houston.  We fell in love with him and their amazing Cosmos, too.  Have been back 2 times since. Very classy and elegant.


We highly recommend this spot for drinks, ambiance…and of course, the oysters.


1010 Prairie St, Prohibition Theatre, Houston, TX 77002

(832) 301-8833


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