Best Cornbread in Houston - Zydeco

July 23, 2020


Within the central business district of Houston, there’s a spot that offers the very best cornbread in the city.  If you know anything about southern cuisine, it probably will not surprise you that the best spot for southern food, it’s a place named Zydeco.


Loved this restaurant. At first the restaurant looks quite shady, but astounding walk inside your greeted with a warm, diner that feels like home. You order off a menu at the front then pay and wait for you food to get brought to you. It's definitely more casual then regular restaurants if your looking for that kind of vibe. I ordered the Red Beans and Rice (warning does have sausage in it for any vegetarians which was not stated in the menu description) served with cornbread.


In case you don’t know - Cornbread is a truly ancient dish, a food originally made in a wide variety of forms by Native Americans across the country long before Europeans arrived and the Columbian exchange brought corn to other parts of the world. The many preparations that changed from tribe to tribe and region to region meant a wide range of preparations and finished products. Beyond being a quick bread – meaning it isn’t leavened with yeast or eggs – made from cornmeal, there was no single, set recipe.


Savory cornbreads traditionally have little or no sugar or flour in their recipes and are somewhat denser than the sweeter preparations. However, in the modern world of fusion cooking, there are many exceptions. This type of cornbread is most common in the Southern U.S. but can be seen across the country. As a quick bread, it doesn’t take much time to bake, and can even be fried in a skillet instead of baked. Of course, it can be baked in a skillet, too.


And when we're talking, the cornbread here is absolutely AMAZING.  Honestly, I could eat buckets of this stuff. I have never had sweet cornbread before but this bread balanced out each dish so well, adding texture, flavor and overall satisfaction.


Oh and by the way, their Crawfish Étouffée was just about $12 and comes with two sides and more cornbread!

If you’re ever in downtown Houston, pay this place a visit.  And get the cornbread!


1119 Pease St

Houston, TX 77002

(713) 759-2001


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