Best Cheesecake in Houston: Kings

August 6, 2020


20 minutes north of Houston’s city limits, off of Lockhaven Dr., you can find the best cheesecake that will captivate your taste buds for days.  The name – Kings Cheesecake.


Now, this is how I found out about this spot.  My family received a pecan praline cheesecake as a Christmas gift. Everyone that tried it, liked it. It had a great flavor and the cheesecake was very creamy.


My best friend and I decided to drop in at the Kings Cheesecake store after a gut-busting Sunday lunch buffet.  It was a good thing that we ate before stopping by, as everything in the store looked temptingly scrumptious.  


I was eyeing the selection of heart-shaped items already, but my bud's suggestion to get one for my sweetie was spot on.  My lovely friend and I just shared a Pre-Valentine's Day heart-shaped white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, with a delectable layer of raspberry puree atop the cheesecake.  Although it was certainly a sweet treat, it was not overly rich in flavor.  The irony is that you have to cut up the heart-shaped dessert so that you can share with your sweetheart, but don't let the "broken heart" deter from your enjoyment of the novelty cheesecake with your dearest one.


Having enjoyed plenty of cheesecakes in the past, but it was really fun to poke around in this store.  They feature quite a variety of cheesecakes and other dessert products (and some actual food as well).  They also have a bunch of items on sale, whether they are surplus treats or "imperfections" that may not look perfect but probably still taste pretty food.  Sometimes lifting the freezer doors are akin to being on a game show, to see if the discount item is still available for sale.  One of my other buds had bought some specialty treats from here recently for a party and they were undeniably delicious, but apparently, they were out of stock on this item during my visit.  Even though I bought only a couple of smaller items, the staff was very courteous in ringing me up.  I was even surprised to get an additional markdown on one of my purchased items.


Here’s the scoop during the holidays – ‘IT IS BEYOND DELICIOUS’ are the first words I would use to describe a pumpkin cheesecake I had delivered for my thanksgiving dinner.  I had to sample a piece (which come with wax paper in between each slice) and first off the whip topping is FRESH CREAM! The cheesecake was outstanding. A hearty pumpkin cheesecake is ‘what’s for dessert’ the day after  a thanksgiving feast!


I spent almost $80 as we have to stock up and have to take advantage of the sale. Got home and enjoyed it with my family. We can't wait for next year! I will definitely be bringing my family and friends so they can also enjoy the festival. Wish they can do it twice a year for it was so much fun! Thanks Kings!


150 Lockhaven Dr, Houston, TX 77073

(281) 209-1511





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