Best Churros in Houston, Texas: Angels


In case you've never heard of a Churro, it's a traditional, tasty treat in Spain and Portugal, where they originated, as well as in the Philippines and Ibero-America. They are also consumed around the world, especially in the Southwestern United States, France, and other areas that have received immigration from Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries. In Spain, churros can either be thin (and sometimes knotted) or long and thick, where they are known as porras or jeringos in some regions. They are normally eaten for breakfast dipped in champurrado, hot chocolate, dulce de leche or café con leche. Sugar is often sprinkled on top. In Spain, Hispanic America and Brazil, the name churro is used.


And the best spot in Houston for authentic churros is a spot named 'Angels.'  


In 2016, Angels opened their doors as a the first “churreria” here in Houston, and have rapidly grown since! Angels serves the traditional “Spanish Styled” churros. Originating from Spain, churros are fried until they become crunchy, and may be sprinkled with sugar. The surface of a churro is ridged due to having been piped from a “churrera”, a syringe-like tool with a star-shaped nozzle.


Erika and Oscar Garcia (the owners) had always dreamed of calling something distinguishable and their own, which is why Angels is so unique in itself! This adorable little spot is more than a cafe.  It's a store that helps our communities made through every purchase, here in Texas, and also their native land of Veracruz! As a family owned business, you will always be greeted by their team, taken care of like family, and leave like you are a part of their family. 


Bienvenido a Angels! Give Angels a try!



Angels' Churros N Chocolate

7160 Barker Cypress Rd #F, Cypress, TX 77433

(832) 770-0802




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