Houston’s Best Thai Food: Street Food Thai Market

October 16, 2020

I love Thai food.  Really started getting into it about a year ago.  Just dove in, head-first.  Two weeks ago, I received this recommendation from a co-worker so I decided to stop by this market to pick up a quick dinner, and I was not disappointed. My best friend and I got the pad thai and khao soi kai. I've eaten a lot of pad thai in my life due to my husband always insisting on getting it at every Thai restaurant we go to. Their version is delicious. However, the khao soi kai is where it's at. It's a wonderful curry noodle dish that gets better with each bite. First reaction was it was good. Last bite had me craving more. I'm so glad there is another Thai restaurant to add to my list and will surely be back.

I sample many items and all of the food was amazing! There's a variety of food on their menu. Many of the options were items I haven't seen on other Thai menus. We ordered the yellow curry with chicken. This curry was very flavorful and had chunks of carrot and potato. The broth was slightly sweet from the coconut milk but it was very well balanced. By far some of the best yellow curry I've had to date. We also had the pad khee mao. It was flat rice noodles stir fried with bell peppers, green beans, and basil. This is similar to Chinese flat noodle stir fry and it was very delicious and I love how you are able to pick the spice levels. We got level 4 spicy and it was just enough for your nose to tingle. The last entree we ordered was the pad krapow moo krob which is stir fried pork belly with basil and green beans and bell pepper. This dish was pretty good as well and it was nicely seasoned.


So this place will become one of my favorites in Houston. And when I host a get-together at my home, I will probably order from here every week and I assume it will never fail me!  As a group, we might order their egg rolls, esern sausage, and sometimes a sticky rice if we're up for a desert. The fish is big but I can eat a whole fish by myself because it's that good. What makes it even better is the sauce that they make that comes with the fish. It has tomatoes and other spices that make the sauce sweet and spicy. It's amazing and highly recommend! Honestly, I've even tried their soups and pad Thai, everything you order from here is never a disappointment.


Now, about the place itself - the restaurant itself is several tables set in one half of a Thai Grocery Store. The waitstaff is family, friends and mostly Thai.  Be warned the spice level is authentic, not like many other restaurants. This is no watered down food or otherwise Americanized like some chain Asian restaurants.  If you know and love Som Tam (papaya salad) this is the place for you. If you typically go for a Garden or Caesar salad (or God forbid an iceberg wedge) go elsewhere.


1010 W Cavalcade St suite d, Houston, TX 77009

(Located in the Heights, near the junction of 610/I-45)

(346) 406-3177








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